SAP SD Professionals have good career in sales and marketing

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is known as one of the largest and oldest of SAP functional modules. SAP SD is used to perform daily business operations and can handle all processes from order to delivery. Basic operation of the RFP (Request for Proposals) module sale customer orders production, price, Select (and other process products at home), packaging, billing, risk management and delivery.

Some of the most important functional characteristics in basic training SAP SD module are:

Prices and taxes: Evaluates the price of many products for different types of conditions, such as discounts or reductions provided by the customer.

Availability: Check availability of the product in products for the home.

Credit Management: Defining the customer's credit limit when selling different products on the organization.

Bills and invoices: Create and post invoice the customer for the product.

Identification Material: This SD function module to determine the details based on a specific form of the disease materials.

Account definition: This function handles all the details of the client on the basis of a certain type of conditions.

Word Processing: This function allows you to copy text from one document to another.

Role in ERP SD module

SD module is an application in the supply and management of operational performance string that offers a customer support module. This module is integrated with materials management (MM), Production Planning (PP) and other SAP modules. It also enables organizations include sales of products to customers and check for open doors.
Career in SAP SD

Anyone who has experience in sales and marketing field or any MBA - Fresh Marketing and sales can go to training module of SAP SD and can move his career in SAP functional expert. It is also useful from a different point of view, more and more companies are implementing or trying to implement SAP implementation in their organization. SAP as a strong ERP system is the need for all medium and large businesses. SAP SD is one of the complex, a popular career and make money. SD SAP career is safer than a regular career in marketing and sales opportunities for advancement in the field of SAP SD wide.