SAP SD Professionals have good career in sales and marketing

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is known as one of the largest and oldest of SAP functional modules. SAP SD is used to perform daily business operations and can handle all processes from order to delivery. Basic operation of the RFP (Request for Proposals) module sale customer orders production, price, Select (and other process products at home), packaging, billing, risk management and delivery.

Some of the most important functional characteristics in basic training SAP SD module are:

Prices and taxes: Evaluates the price of many products for different types of conditions, such as discounts or reductions provided by the customer.

Availability: Check availability of the product in products for the home.

Credit Management: Defining the customer's credit limit when selling different products on the organization.

Bills and invoices: Create and post invoice the customer for the product.

Identification Material: This SD function module to determine the details based on a specific form of the disease materials.

Account definition: This function handles all the details of the client on the basis of a certain type of conditions.

Word Processing: This function allows you to copy text from one document to another.

Role in ERP SD module

SD module is an application in the supply and management of operational performance string that offers a customer support module. This module is integrated with materials management (MM), Production Planning (PP) and other SAP modules. It also enables organizations include sales of products to customers and check for open doors.
Career in SAP SD

Anyone who has experience in sales and marketing field or any MBA - Fresh Marketing and sales can go to training module of SAP SD and can move his career in SAP functional expert. It is also useful from a different point of view, more and more companies are implementing or trying to implement SAP implementation in their organization. SAP as a strong ERP system is the need for all medium and large businesses. SAP SD is one of the complex, a popular career and make money. SD SAP career is safer than a regular career in marketing and sales opportunities for advancement in the field of SAP SD wide.


SAP SD pre requirements

Just before joining in any SAP Academy course, make sure you become aware of these specifications.

SAP Functional Classes (e.g., SAP ABAP, FI, CO, MM, SD, HR, PP, CRM, PS, XI).

·   16 years of a long time regarding formal educations (Engineering or Masters)
·   The least 2 years regarding connected do the job knowledge Pertaining to
e.g. In case a applicants really wants to complete Gross sales and Distribution (SD) he must have
2years regarding knowledge inside sales/marketing no matter marketplace. 
·   Perhaps Knowledge is just not needed in the event the candidate is a Chartered accountant for that SAP FI course.

SAP Technical Training (i.e., SAP ABAP).

Refreshing Executive applicants, MCA’s or applicants along with pros and also 2 years regarding  computer software advancement knowledge pertaining to
  • ·         E.g. B.E., B.Tech, Software program engineers, Data source operators

SAP-new Dimensions Courses•


16 years of a long time regarding formal education and still have SAP Gross sales
and Distribution (SD) implementation/support knowledge/ experience
·   EVEN need to be qualified inside SAP Gross sales and Distribution (SD);
·   EVEN must have knowledge inside implementation/support regarding every other CRM product or service.


·   16 years of a long time regarding formal education and still have PP/MM implementation/ support knowledge/ support experience;

·   EVEN need to be qualified inside SAP PP/MM.


 Key Techniques in Sales and Distribution

SAP R/3, Enterprise version, along with my SAP ERP apply certain standard techniques to implement your current business enterprise policies towards the operations you might be building throughout the process. Let’s declare that within a sales transaction with customers, you should have the very last total price so that you can often be based mostly on the subject of the particular cost associated with the particular material, any kind of price reduction program, freight, as well as taxation. This particular perseverance depends on the business enterprise associated with that financial transaction.
Similarly, they would like to have a particular type of text, based on the document, for example, a sales order is a purchase order text and a delivery note is the text of the shipping instruction. Would you like some of the text elements to be copied to subsequent documents, for example, a special instruction to the client entered the sales order copied to the delivery note.

Creating a delivery document includes copying information from the sales order, such as materials and quantities. You can define control data for the document flow. Setup allows you to define the specifications for copy requirements and data transfer.

Different clients may assume different roles in a business transaction. The client that places the order does not have to be the same customer receiving the goods, or who is responsible for paying the bill. Assigning partner roles in SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) determines the functions of the individual partners in the sales process. Let's examine the configuration key techniques involved in the establishment of associated functions and determinations.




Underwriting process is associated with the document product sales and offers different elements required to visit the final contracts with customers in the price they will pay for the goods or services. Costs are kept as given in the problem files. The state values could be for base surcharge and priceand discounted. These are defined by the types of problems that determine the course and explain how the problem is being used.

Over All Condition
Condition Type
Control Data
Price Checklist Materials Price tag Client Particular
Permanent total based on time period.
Surcharges/ Discount
Client Materials Value Group
Client Materials

Calculations Type-Percentage, total amount, or even weight
Level Bases-value or even mass

Table 3.1 illustrates the problem of prices, as well as various business application of this problem. These programs or types of company problems are recognized by their types of problems. Control data provides the grounds for such calculations and recognizes bases of scale volume, quantity, weight and value, or period of time.

Pricing issues are held by many in the course of food selection: SAP Easy Access _ _ Logistics _distribution and sale _ Master Data _ conditions. Parameters such problems can be achieved by the course : Tools Customization Resources _ IMG _  Task execution _ Guide SAP IMG _ product sales and distribution _ Fundamental Basic Features _ Price _ Price Manage _ Manage Define problem types .

All kinds of issues permitted throughout price ranges can be obtained from the actual pricing technique. underwriting procedure, you are able to determine just how the program should really makes use of the condition by indicating particular conditions with regard to each individual condition. The particular sequence throughout which usually the particular technique accesses these complications in the profession document might also be determined inside the pricing procedure. Table 3.2 displays a pricing process typing . Level guide provides a method to specify a different basis for determining the state of nature and conditions of group subtotal. The price process may include a variety of sub –totals
Gross value
Offer Discount
Discount Value
Net Value

Header  Discount
Net Values 2



Output Tax
Cash Disc. Basis
Cash Discount

Price stage of the proceedings pricing may be marked by the following means:

      As a mandatory requirement

      As a condition entered manually

       For statistical purposes

Last but not least, we have the access sequence, which is assigned to the condi-tion types (except for condition types configured as head condition). Access sequence is research that defines the order in which the system reads the condition records for a condition type. Figure 3.1 shows an overview of the access sequence. The access performed by the access sequence is done using a table of conditions. A state table is a combination of fields that form a key for a condition record. You can also access depends on certain conditions.



Let’s consider the standard demonstration of exactly how a product or service expense is identified within a document. Whenever products information and facts are inserted, the program works some sort of examine with regard to appropriate the prices types of procedures. The appropriate costs process is scheduled in accordance with the gross sales region, client, and purchases record kind (these kind of usually are entered throughout the particular headlines associated with a product sales record). One time this locates the actual proper pricing technique, the particular process scans the particular ailment kind indexed in the particular costs procedure sequentially, as preserved while in the prices technique. Depending on this specific condition kind, the item ascertains the particular accessibility routine.

The program checks out the accessibility routine. The succession within the condition tables represents the search strategy to discover the actual appropriate ailment document. Each and every ailment table signifies a great accessibility, which is often generated for an ailment document while using the specific key element. The program pursuit of appropriate ailment documents while using the key element described through the particular ailment table (accesses). If perhaps the particular initial accessibility will not locate a appropriate ailment document, after that the particular program queries with regard to the subsequent accessibility utilizing the subsequent ailment gives a costs summary.
After the particular program locates a appropriate ailment document pertaining to a strong accessibility, the particular program reads the actual ailment document and also clones in to the particular product sales record the significance that matches the scale. The complete procedure is usually repetitive for each and every ailment form through to the program has got completed the complete costs method.


The costs, taxes, and special discounts identified immediately through the program is usually modified manually and are subsequently marked as manual modifications. Within ailment documents, you could identify limitations within just which a manual modify can be accomplished; e.g., for producing a price reduction, which often could basically be modified between 1% and 3%. In addition in order to analyzing ailments automatically, ailments could be inserted manually in product sales documents. Conditions are noticeable as being previously inserted manually.



Ailments can also be inserted with the particular document-header levels, as header conditions, and tend to be appropriate for everyone products. Most of these header ailments are generally automatically propagated among the products depending on total worth. The fundamental of distributing the actual header ailments might be modified throughout the particular costs process by choosing the suitable program; e.g., weight and also volume, throughout the actual Alternate formulation with regard to Ailment Platform Worth (AltCBV) industry.


You possibly can manage the prices actions throughout Prices Kind. Along with Relieve 4.5, you will have the subsequent two techniques regarding managing the actual new prices functionality throughout the particular product sales record:

_ Update costs upon the ailment screens along at the header and also product stages. You may choose the actual prices kind within the dialog field that will seems.

_ To implement the latest pricing-document functionality regarding the particular product sales report (menu path: Edit _ New Pricing document), allocate a prices kind to prices procedure throughout Customizing. If perhaps you actually accomplish certainly not preserve a accessibility, the particular program functions prices kind B (Carry out new pricing). These kind of attributes are generally supported throughout the actual product sales and billing documents.

Copy management tends to make the item probable to help manage re-pricing associated with billing records dependent upon a number of various scenarios. Even though most consumers will certainly not necessarily utilize every probable prices kind, the particular ability in order to identify exactly what will certainly afflict prices calculation for the period of billing is usually a final decision customer provides to be able to generate.


Condition type:

Generating, following the particular accessibility string , this will make it allocated to a condition kind. Also you can generate your current unique condition type. You are able to find out the particular characteristics of every condition kind; e.g., perhaps the condition kind signifies surcharges or even discounts and perhaps the condition type need to always be dependent upon valuations or even volumes. The particular condition kinds are usually merged while in the necessary string within the price process.

Procedure Determination:

Remember that moreover, you may require to manage the particular prices process estimate. The particular prices process  in accordance with the subsequent components:
Sales Area
Client prices process within the particular client master
Document prices process area allotted to the actual product sales file kind
Figure displays the particular prices process perseverance method:

Innovative areas might be included to the particular prices area catalog. This enables you to use the innovative area to be able to determine condition tables. Prerequisite programs along with formulas have the ability to change the regular prices reasoning to satisfy one of a kind person specifications. Figure  shows the particular configuration action screen thorough field enhancements.

The display photo inside Figure  simply shows accessibility. To include a different field you will need a specific acceptance item within your consumer profile S_TABU_CLI. Be also conscious that this can be a cross-client table along with pertains to many of the customers within your process.

Pricing Field Catalog
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